Vacancy Notice - Treasure Island Development Authority Citizens Advisory Board



Replaces All Previous Notices

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the following vacancy:

Vacant seat 9, succeeding Suzanne Kim, resigned, must have interest and expertise in one of the following categories: land use, urban planning, and architecture; transportation planning and alternative and mass transit; historic conservation and preservation, including cultural resources; engineering and construction, including geotechnical and structural engineering, public infrastructure and large-scale project management; real estate development and financing; economic development, job generation, and organized labor; first-source hiring, welfare-to-work, and other job broker programs directed at economically disadvantaged San Franciscans; affordable- and low-income housing; marine related activities, including boating, board sailing, and fishing; natural resource preservation and conservation, including wetlands, open space, greenbuilding, and sustainable development; environmental and toxic remediation and control; tideland trust and public access; open-meeting laws; recreational and athletic opportunities and programs; representative of public safety officers on Treasure Island; representative of Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative; representative of Job Corps; representative of Treasure Island Elementary School; representative of film production industry; or representative of residential tenants on Treasure Island, for an indefinite term.

Reports: The Chairperson of the Citizens Advisory Board shall provide a report at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA). The Citizens Advisory Board shall also provide regular recommendations to TIDA concerning the review and implementation of the Treasure Island Redevelopment Plan.
Sunset Date: None.

Additional information relating to the TIDA Citizens Advisory Board may be obtained by reviewing Board of Supervisors Resolution Nos. 89-99, and 145-05 at or by visiting their website at

Interested persons may obtain an application from the Board of Supervisors website at or from the Rules Committee Clerk,
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, CA 94102-4689. Completed applications should be submitted to the Clerk of the Board. All applicants must be residents of San Francisco, unless otherwise stated.

Next Steps: Applicants who meet minimum qualifications will be contacted by the Rules Committee Clerk once the Rules Committee Chair determines the date of the hearing. Members of the Rules Committee will consider the appointment at the meeting and applicants may be asked to state their qualifications. The appointment of the individual who is recommended by the Rules Committee will be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.

Please Note: Depending upon the posting date, this vacancy may have already been filled. To determine if the vacancy for this Committee is still available, or if you require additional information, please call the Rules Committee Clerk at (415) 554-4447.

Angela Calvillo
Clerk of the Board

DATED/POSTED: December 24, 2014