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Community Groups in District 9
List of Mission community groups | Compiled by the Mission Community Council, 2010 
List of Bernal Heights community groups | Compiled by Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

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Parks in District 9
24th/York Mini Park | Mission neighborhood
Alioto Mini Park | Mission neighborhood
Bernal Heights Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Bernal Heights Recreation Center | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Coleridge Mini Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Coso/Precita Mini Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Garfield Square | Mission neighborhood
Holly Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
James Rolph Jr. Playground | Mission neighborhood
Jose Coronado Playground | Mission neighborhood
Juri Commons | Mission neighborhood
Mission Recreation Center | Mission neighborhood
Mullen & Peralta Mini Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Palega Playground | Portola neighborhood
Parque Niños Unidos | Mission neighborhood
Precita Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Prentiss Mini Park | Bernal Heights neighborhood
St. Mary’s Playground | Bernal Heights neighborhood

For more information, visit the SF Recreation and Parks Department.

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Public Schools in District 9
Elementary Schools
Buena Vista Horace Mann Middle School | Mission neighborhood
Cesar Chavez Elementary School | Mission neighborhood 
Edward Robeson Taylor Elementary School | Portola neighborhood
George R. Moscone Elementary School | Mission neighborhood 
Hillcrest Elementary School | Portola neighborhood
Junipero Serra Elementary School | Bernal Heights neighborhood
Leonard Flynn Elementary School | Bernal Heights neighborhood 
Marshall Elementary School | Mission neighborhood
Paul Revere Elementary School | Bernal Heights neighborhood

Middles Schools
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School | Portola neighborhood

High Schools
Hilltop School | Mission neighborhood
John O’Connell High School of Technology | Mission neighborhood
Phillip and Sala Burton High School | Portola Neighborhood
San Francisco International High School | Mission neighborhood

City College of San Francisco Mission Campus | Mission neighborhood

For more information, visit the SF Unified School District.

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Police Stations Serving District 9
Mission Station
Ingleside Station

For more information, visit the SF Police Department.

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Public Libraries Serving District 9
Bernal Heights Branch
Mission Branch
Portola Branch

For more information, visit SF Public Library.

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Ninth Supervisorial District Boundary:
beginning at Mission St and I-280 – north following Mission St, west on Randall St, north following San Jose Ave, east at 29th St, north on Tiffany Ave, west at Duncan St, north following San Jose Ave, west on 27th St, north following Guerrero St, east on Cesar Chavez, north on Valencia St, following census block lines northeast to 13th St, east following 13th St, 13th Street becomes Central Fwy, south along Bryant St, east on 20th St, south on Potrero Ave, east on Cesar Chavez St, south following Bay Shore Blvd, west on I- 280, south following James Lick Fwy to Paul Ave, east along Paul Ave, south on Bay Shore Blvd, south on Wheat St, west on Salinas Ave, west on Mansell St, west following Brazil Ave, John McLaren Park to Burrows St, east at Burrows St, north on Peru Ave, north on Valmar Terrace, north along Madison St, east on Silver Ave, following census lines north Gladstone Dr, west along Gladstone Dr, north on Stoneyford Ave, west on Cambridge St to Stoneybrook Ave, north on following I- 280 west to Mission St.

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