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Supervisor Christina Rosario Olague (OH-LOG-EE)speaker

Christina was born in 1961 in Merced, California. Her father was born in Mexico, and worked as a mechanic fixing farm equipment in the Central Valley. Her mother stayed at home to care for Christina and her sister.

Some of Christina’s early childhood memories include watching Mexican laborers work 15 hours a day for little compensation. Even at a young age, she developed an understanding of economic injustice. She first got involved in progressive politics while attending Hoover High School in Fresno.

Growing up in the ’60s, Christina’s life experiences shaped her activism and desire to promote meaningful change for her community. In 1982, Christina moved to the Bay Area and began taking classes at San Francisco State University. Eventually, she dropped out in order to work full-time to help support her family back in Fresno. Years later, Christina would resume her education by obtaining her degree in Liberal Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Christina began her professional life working for a number of stock brokerages in San Francisco’s financial district. At night, she remained engaged in the local activist community, advocating for various issues important to her and the local community, including LGBT issues and tenant rights.

In 1992, Christina’s life would forever change when her mother was involved in a serious car accident that rendered her quadriplegic. For the next seven years, Christina would care for her mother while continuing to work in finance.

Upon her mother’s death, Christina quit her job and became a community organizer at the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition (MAC) where she fought for the rights of low-income tenants and immigrants. During her time there, Christina prioritized empowering residents of San Francisco's eastern neighborhoods with familiarity of the rezoning process and the intricacies of city planning, giving them the tools and the means to make their voices heard.

In 2004, former District 5 Supervisor Matt Gonzalez appointed Christina Olague to serve on the Planning Commission. She was later re-appointed to the position by former Supervisor Aaron Peskin. During her seven years on the Commission, she served two terms as President, and three terms as Vice President.

Prior to her appointment to the Board of Supervisors, Christina worked as a community organizer and Coordinator for the Senior Action Network for the past 3 years. During this time, she advocated for better conditions and protections for seniors.

In addition to her professional work as a community organizer, Christina has served on a number of boards for various non-profits and political organizations, including LYRIC, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Transit Riders Union, San Francisco People’s Organization, and Campaign Co-Chair for Proposition L (2003) that established San Francisco’s minimum wage.

Christina Olague resides in the North of the Panhandle neighborhood in District 5.


  • Appointed 01/09/12 to 01/08/13

Committee and Board Assignments:


  • Member, Board of Supervisors