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currently serves as the District 4 (Sunset/Parkside) representative on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Since taking office in 2013, Katy has prioritized keeping San Francisco family-friendly, improving public transportation, supporting small businesses, protecting our environment, enhancing pedestrian safety, improving public safety, and protecting our City’s financial health.

Katy has been a strong advocate for supporting housing opportunities for middle-income families. She partnered with the Mayor’s Office and Planning Department to develop incentives and tools to keep our middle-class families in San Francisco. In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development, Katy helped launch the “Home Match” program, which pairs homeowners with low-income home seekers as a way to address San Francisco’s housing shortage with existing housing stock.

As a product of the San Francisco Unified School District, Katy understands the funding challenges with our public school system and supports our local schools by providing regular grants for efforts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

As a member of the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking (SFCAHT), Katy works with city agencies and partners to end human trafficking through education, outreach, advocacy, and by supporting human trafficking survivors.

Katy is also a champion for workplace policies for new families. She spearheaded a Charter Amendment passed by voters in November 2015 that enhanced the City’s Paid Parental Leave policy and sponsored legislation unanimously passed by the Board of Supervisors to improve lactation support for new mothers returning to work.

Recognizing the difficulties of homeless individuals who are also victims of domestic violence, Katy worked with the City’s Shelter Monitoring Committee to prevent victims of domestic violence from being denied shelter services.

Katy works closely with the Ocean Beach Master Plan steering committee, where she has been engaging with city agencies and partners to implement recommendations for a more sustainable future on San Francisco’s Pacific Coast.

To ensure that everyone, especially those with disabilities, have access to the services they need, Katy spearheaded legislation to require that all entrances to places of public accommodation in San Francisco be accessible.

As an animal rights advocate, Katy worked to ensure that the City will build a new animal shelter that will adequately serve the needs of the animals and the employees who work there. She also hosts an adoption event in her office each year in partnership with SF Animal Care & Control. In 2015, Katy sponsored legislation to ban the performance of wild or exotic animals in San Francisco for entertainment purposes.

To help youth find jobs and develop skills for the workplace, Katy’s office hosts a District 4 Youth Job Fair each year to pair students with local Sunset businesses.

Katy has worked on a number of issues to improve the quality of life for residents. She spearheaded the first ever district-wide strategic planning effort, called the Sunset District Blueprint, to identify short-term and long-term initiatives to improve the neighborhood, and launched the city’s first Front Yard Ambassador Program to assist residents with front yard landscaping installations and to divert rainwater from the city’s sewer system.

Prior to serving as Supervisor, Katy worked as former District 4 Supervisor Carmen Chu’s Legislative Aide for over five years, drafting legislation to create neighborhood commercial districts for District 4 business corridors, increasing housing protections for victims of domestic violence, streamlining complex City contracting processes, facilitating prompt payment to City contractors, and instituting increased penalties for crimes committed in and around public transit.

Katy also served in Mayor Gavin Newsom’s administration in the Office of Public Policy & Finance, where she worked on community outreach for development of the City’s first Community Justice Center, in addition to her work assisting with development of the City’s budget.

Katy grew up in the Sunset District and is a graduate of UC Davis and University of San Francisco School of Law.

湯凱蒂現時擔任三藩市市參事會第4區 (日落區/Parkside區)市參事代表。




湯凱蒂是三藩市反人口販賣合作組織(San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking)的成員,她與市府機構及伙伴一起合作,透過教育、外展、權益爭取、以及支援人口販賣的倖存者以消除人口販賣。

此外,湯凱蒂又為新組成的家庭爭取更好的工作環境政策。由她領導的市憲章修訂在2015年 11月由選民通過,這項修訂將改善市府的有薪育嬰假政策。她又提出一項法案,改善在餵哺母乳方面的支援,以協助新手母親回到工作崗位。




湯凱蒂就不同的問題進行相關的工作,以改善居民的生活質素。她帶領一項首次進行的策略性規劃項目,稱為 “日落區藍圖”,以辨識出一些短期及長期的計劃以改善社區;開展本市首個前院大使計劃以協助居民在前院設置美化景觀,以及透過相關計劃減輕本市的污水處理系統的負擔;

湯凱蒂曾擔任前市参事朱嘉文的立法助理超過五年。在此期間,她負責編寫一系列的立法草案,當中包括為第4區商業走廊設立鄰里商務區、 為家庭暴力受害者增加保護、簡化市府複雜的契約過程、 加快支付市府的承包商、以及增加在公共交通設施內以及其周圍的犯罪處罰。 

湯凱蒂也曾在市長紐森(Gavin Newsom)的任期內為公共政策與金融辦公室服務,她領導社區各界的參與以發展了三藩市首個社區司法中心 。此外,她亦協助發展本市的預算。

湯凱蒂在日落區長大,並且畢業於戴維斯加大(UC Davis)及三藩市大學法學院 (University of San Francisco School of Law)。


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  • Appointed 02/27/13 - 01/08/14
  • Elected November 2013 for term January 2014 to January 2015
  • Elected November 2014 for term January 2015 to January 2019

Committee and Board Assignments: