Front Yard Ambassadors Program

Front Yard Ambassadors (FYAP) Program

Front Yard Ambassadors Program - SFPUC Highlight Video

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The Front Yard Ambassadors Program gives Sunset District residents the opportunity to transform their front yards into vibrant, ecologically friendly and easy to maintain spaces in order to accomplish the following:

  • Improve the pedestrian experience and demonstrate neighborhood pride
  • Provide permeable surface to take pressure off our combined sewer system and recharge our underground aquifer
  • Add pollinator and beneficial species habitat to our urban environment,
  • Educate the community about what plant species are suited to our microclimate: and
  • Build relationships with neighbors and encourage the community to work together

Plant and Pollinators

The Front Yard Ambassadors Program breaks up concrete and replaces it with native and drought-tolerant plants throughout the Sunset District. To learn more about how planting the right species will attract bees and other pollinators, visit the SF Environment’s Protect our Local Pollinators web page. To find out more about what types of plants are recommended for your San Francisco microclimate, visit the SF Plant Finder website.

Application and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applications are now CLOSED.

Outreach Materials

1. Download the Application Here ( EnglishChinese 中文  )
2. Download a Sample Letter for Outreach to Neighbors (in English and Chinese) here.


Paved yards cover 7% of the Sunset District (160 of 2,300 acres). If Sunset residents transformed 25% of those yards to permeable landscape, we would keep 20 million gallons of stormwater out of our combined sewer system each year preventing discharge into the ocean..

  • Total participating households as of November 2018: 93 houses and 2 commercial properties on 15 blocks
  • Concrete removal
    • Round 1 (February 2014): 717 square feet
    • Round 2 (July 2014): 1,211 square feet
    • Round 3 (April 2015): 1,040 square feet
    • Round 4 (July 2015): 1,728 square feet
    • Round 5 (November 2015): 1,332 square feet
    • Round 6 (April 2016): 1,007 square feet
    • Round 7 (November 2016): 1,018 square feet
    • Round 8 (June 2017): 1,391 square feet
    • Round 9 (November 2017): 736 square feet
    • Round 10 (June 2018): 1,478 square feet
    • Round 11 (November 2018): 1,002 square feet
    • Total Round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 = 12,660 square feet!
  • Amount of storm water diverted from our combined sewer system = 151,920 gallons/year.  Each square foot of concrete removed is equivalent 12 gallons of storm water diverted annually.


Map of Front Yards Completed

Please click on the map to see before and after photos of participating households and facts about each participating block.


Our Partners & Sidewalk Landscaping

Sidewalk landscaping programs exist in several organizations. To learn more about why increasing green space and permeable surfaces is important in San Francisco, visit the websites of our partners in the Front Yard Ambassadors Program below:



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