Resilient Sunset

Our office has been working with neighbors and community organizations to develop an emergency preparedness action plan specific to the Sunset District, called Resilient Sunset. Currently, committees comprised of residents and stakeholders have been working on four goals for the year.

These four goals include: 

Resilient Sunset Plan: Develop Sunset emergency preparedness information booklet to be shared widely with District 4 residents.

Monthly Emergency Supply Campaign: Implement month-by-month emergency supply campaign with local stores, where residents can shop for suggested emergency preparedness items each month.

Neighborhood Supply Bins Pilot Program: Implement neighborhood supply bins pilot program, starting with NERT certified residents and SF SAFE participants who will receive bins to be filled with emergency supplies.

Neighborhood Resiliency Resource Centers: Develop Neighborhood Resiliency Resource Centers throughout District 4, which will serve as resources during the event of emergencies.

Resilient Sunset Preparedness Guide ( English | Chinese 中文 )

The Resilient Sunset Preparedness Guide ( English | Chinese 中文 ) serves to provide a personal emergency preparedness guide specific to residents and service providers of District 4 that is informative, easy to implement, and understandable by our multi-ethnic community. This guide was developed by the community and for the community.

Resilient Sunset Monthly Supply Campaign (2016-2017) ( English | Chinese 中文 )

Every month from September 2016 - August 2017, Sunset District businesses provided discounted supplies that residents were able to purchase and add to their home disaster kit. The goal of this Monthly Supply Campaign ( English | Chinese 中文 ) was to make it easy for Sunset District families to increase their personal preparedness in the event of a small or large disaster such as a house fire or an earthquake. The better each one of us is prepared, the more resilient our community will be.