Small Business Month Awning Fee Waiver Program

 Small Business Month Awning Fee Waiver
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Under legislation sponsored by Supervisor Katy Tang and in partnership with the Department of Building Inspection, Planning Department, Office of Economic & Workforce Development, and Office of Small Business, merchants would receive a fee waiver for permits issued in May for 1) awning replacements and 2) pedestrian level lighting.

The permit fee waiver applies every year in May. Businesses need only apply for the permit in May, but work does not need to be completed within the month of May. Please note the fee waiver does not cover the cost of construction/installation of the new awning.

The way permits are processed:

Awning Replacements

  • Replacement of entire awning, including structure attached to building: Department of Building Inspection & Planning Department.
  • Replacement of only awning cover: Planning Department.
  • Any other type of storefront sign that touches the building: Department of Building Inspection & Planning Department.

Pedestrian Level Lighting

  • Electrical permit through Department of Building Inspection.

Permit fees vary based on the type and amount of work being done.

Planning Department awning permit fees:
Section 355(a) applies to the replacement of the awning cover. The fee in Section 355(e) must be applied if you have wording on your awning cover.$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:sanfrancisco_ca$anc-ID_355

Department of Building Inspection awning permit fees:

The DBI plan review and permit issuance fee applies if you are changing anything that touches the building.