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Recently Passed

Legislative Record

Government reform

  • Balanced budgets. Worked closely with Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor John Avalos to negotiate agreements that balanced budget deficits of $522 million in 2009-10 and $483 million in 2010-11 while protecting vital city services (SF Chronicle).

  • Budget reform. Led successful campaign to pass November 2009’s budget reform measure Proposition A, which required two-year balanced budgets and five-year financial forecasting, doubled the city’s general reserves, and required 75% of unanticipated revenues in good years to be saved for difficult years (SF Examiner).

  • Ethics in lobbying. Passed legislation simplifying rules governing lobbyists, making compliance, monitoring and enforcement more straightforward, and requiring an online system to track lobbying activity (SF Chronicle).

  • Language access. Passed legislation to require City departments to improve access to city services for limited-English-speaking individuals, including funding for translation services.

Public safety

  • Earthquake readiness. Led successful campaign to pass June 2010’s Proposition B, a bond that will invest $412 million in ensuring a reliable water supply for our City in emergencies, seismically upgrade critical firefighting facilities, and build a new police command center and new neighborhood police and fire stations (SF Chronicle). Read the proposition here.

  • Nightclub violence. Passed legislation to stem recent violence at certain nightclubs by allowing the Entertainment Commission to suspend temporarily or permanently revoke entertainment licenses, to bolster nightclub security requirements, and monitor public safety and neighborhood complaints (SF Chronicle).

  • Nail salons. Created program to encourage the phasing out the “toxic trio” of chemicals commonly found in nail polishes by recognizing nail salons free of such products (SF Examiner | Legislation ).
Transit first
  • Muni. In an era of fare increases and reduced service, led the fight two years in a row to negotiate additional funding for Muni. Pushed successfully to restore Muni service cuts and crafted reform package to require new performance audits, explore governance challenges, and establish written work order agreements (SF Chronicle). Read the legislation here.

  • Bicycles. Established citywide goal of 20% of trips in San Francisco by bicycle by the year 2020 (SF Examiner).

  • Car-share. Passed legislation expanding car-sharing options, particularly in residential developments, and advocated for on-street car-sharing sites (SF Weekly).
Housing for all
  • Creating affordable housing. Passed legislation facilitating the creation of housing cooperatives to allow affordable home ownership by low-income residents, incentivizing the construction of senior housing, creating permanently affordable rental housing for homeless veterans, and easing requirements to purchase below-market-rate (BMR) units.

  • Responding to the economic downturn. Established socially responsible investment goals in our City’s Investment Policy to encourage investment in financial institutions with responsible mortgage foreclosure policies. Passed legislation to address the plight of vacant buildings in neighborhoods (SF Examiner).
Encouraging small businesses
  • Eliminating business fees. Passed legislation eliminating dozens of fees assessed on a variety of different businesses, slashing bureaucratic red tape and making our City’s government friendlier to small business (SF Examiner).

  • Streamlining city contracting. Passed legislation increasing the percentage of small, local businesses to be awarded city contracts and establishing preferences for small, local business participations in city projects (SF Public Press).