About the Clerk of The Board

The Clerk of the Board manages the legislative branch of government under the Board of Supervisors. She is responsible for all legislation, five agencies, and staff which include executive managers, legislative analysts, accountants, personnel administration, and information management. The Clerk is responsible for the preparation, management and oversight of a $13 million budget.

Clerk of the Board
Customer Service Mission

The Board of Supervisors has a wide range of customers who need access to its information or may want to participate in or influence decisions made by the Board of Supervisors. The Clerk of the Board is responsible for maintaining local legislation, upholding the Public Records Act, the Brown Act, the Sunshine Ordinance and other laws. San Francisco residents rely on the integrity of and equitable access to information, referrals to services, and the professionalism provided by the Office of the Clerk of the Board.

The Department has a well-established customer service plan in place. The goals and objectives of the Customer Service Plan are to:

  • Provide accurate and timely information
  • Be attentive, courteous and responsive
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation and goodwill
  • Value diversity
  • Accept accountability and responsibility

The Department continues to explore opportunities to expand and enhance customer service to the public by revising the Records Retention Policy, modifying the Department's website and implementing customer relations management software to better track requests. The Clerk of the Board invests in staff through the expansion of education and staff development opportunities targeted to improve customer service and the transfer of information. Additionally, customer service will improve greatly when the 16-bit legislative tracking system is replaced, making all legislative information available to anyone with access to the Internet at any time.

With the existing and enhanced customer service initiatives, the Department hopes to gauge the effectiveness of its customer service efforts and expand the distribution of the customer service survey to a wider audience.

You can complete a Board of Supervisors Online Customer Satisfaction Form.