In-Person Meeting Guidelines

In-Person Meeting Guidelines for Board and Committee Meetings


These basic guidelines are provided to members of the public who wish to attend in-person Board or Committee meetings. These guidelines are updated regularly and reflect conformance with the current City policy, with consideration to federal, state and local Health Orders and Directives. These guidelines are subject to change. Please check this page regularly for the most current information. 


  • Effective April 25, 2022, members of the Board, Clerks, Department staff, and members of the public are encouraged, but not required, to wear a face covering during in-person meetings.

  • No standing in the Legislative Chamber; you must be seated.

  • If you wish to submit a document for the file, please email the document to the Clerk.

  • In-person public comment will be taken first; remote public comment will be taken after.

  • There is no overhead projector in the Legislative Chamber. If you wish to share a document, you must email the document to the Clerk 48 hours in advance.

  • The President or Chair will allocate the amount of time each speaker has.


(Disclaimer: These guidelines will not be enforced by the Clerk. Compliance should be self-regulated and may be enforced by the Sheriff.)


Last Updated: May 26, 2022