City & Board Response to COVID-19

The Board of Supervisors remains committed to the people of the City and County of San Francisco and to providing access to our legislative process during this health crisis. The health and well being of our community are at the forefront of our minds as we make adjustments to the myriad of processes needed to ensure the continuity of legislative approvals that will further our goals during this rapidly changing environment. We ask that you check back with us regularly to obtain current information and remain educated on how you can continue to participate and contribute to the legislative process.

We encourage you to visit the City’s website for more information on San Francisco’s response to the local health emergency and current facts. CLICK HERE

Together we can reduce the impact of this disease by making changes to our personal habits and becoming educated on how they can make a difference.

On March 19, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statewide “Stay at Home” order - that was preceded by numerous local and state proclamations, orders and supplemental directions - to slow down and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. All non-essential travel throughout the state is currently prohibited. The COVID-19 virus is hiding in plain sight and the reduction of contact is essential to reducing the impact of this disease.
Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home Order
Mayor’s Website on Shelter in Place

Mayor’s Proclamation of Local Emergency:
2/25/2020: Proclamation of Local Emergency re: COVID-19 (PDF)
3/11/2020: First Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/13/2020: Second Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/17/2020: Third Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/18/2020: Fourth Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/23/2020: Fifth Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/27/2020: Sixth Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
3/31/2020: Seventh Supplemental Declaration (PDF)
4/1/2020: Eighth Supplemental Declaration (PDF)

San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 Health Orders:
3/6/2020: Local Emergency Declaration of the Health Officer, C19-01 (PDF)
3/7/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-02 (PDF)
3/10/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-03 (PDF)
3/10/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-04 (PDF)
3/11/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-01b (Revised) (PDF)
3/11/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-05 (PDF)
3/13/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-05b (Revised) (PDF)
3/13/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-06 (PDF)
3/16/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-07 (PDF)
3/17/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-08 (PDF)
3/18/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-09 (PDF)
3/20/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-10 (PDF)
3/24/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-11 (PDF)
3/31/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-07b (Revised) (PDF)
3/31/2020: Order of the Health Officer, C19-07b (Appendix) (DOC)

Department Updates:
Mayor’s Office Press Releases
San Francisco Department of Public Health Press Releases
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency News and Releases

3/24/2020: Meetings of Policy Bodies During COVID-19 Emergency
4/1/2020: Approved Meeting Bodies
4/2/2020: COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force
4/2/2020: San Francisco Shelter Guest Tests Positive for COVID-19

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has announced aggressive recommendations to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  Educate yourself on ways you can protect yourself and your family.

Coronavirus Facts in English
Coronavirus Facts in Spanish
Coronavirus Facts in Chinese
Coronavirus Facts in Filipino
Coronavirus Facts in Vietnamese
Coronavirus Facts in Arabic

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Information and Updates
San Francisco Department of Public Health - Coronavirus Facts
San Francisco Department of Public Health - Health Alerts
California Department of Public Health - COVID-19 Updates
Impact on City Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Check Essential Businesses
Information on Construction Projects


Disinformation is dangerous in times of emergency. Help prevent the spread and anxiety of COVID-19 by keeping up-to-date with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.  These sites are updated continuously with COVID-19 facts, statistics, and guidelines to protect San Franciscans and prevent the spread of the disease.  The Board of Supervisor’s website is also being updated continuously with local resources and information.

Beware of unsolicited callers offering coronavirus testing or other COVID-19 related services, and never give out personal or financial information over the phone to unsolicited callers. There are reports of numerous scams being attempted against concerned and frightened San Franciscans, online and through unsolicited phone calls.  Unsolicited scam callers may attempt to reach you claiming to be phone service operators; banks or credit card companies; public agencies; virus testing facilities; utilities services; or research facilities such as the World Health Organization, the Mayo Clinic, or Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. If you are unsure of the origin, hang up and call the organization back directly to confirm whether it is a legitimate caller. Never give out your personal or financial information. 

Never click on online or text links from sources you don’t know. At this time, many fraudulent websites are being registered which attempt to profit from people’s fears and concerns over the COVID-19 virus.  You may receive unsolicited emails or text messages impersonating your bank, credit card company, utility services or other companies.  These websites may try to contact you via email offering testing services, vaccines, or access to supplies or other COVID-19 related services. Beware of these unsolicited scams and never click links from suspicious unsolicited emails or text messages.  These fraudulent websites may also attempt to contact you through social media and should always be avoided.

For more information on the growth of online scams, check the following links:

From Consumer Reports:  
How to Avoid Coronavirus Phishing Scams

From the Federal Trade Commission:
Coronavirus: Scammers follow the Headlines
Coronavirus Scams, Part 2


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Supervisor Catherine Stefani (District 2)

Supervisor Aaron Peskin (District 3)

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President Norman Yee (District 7)

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