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Friends and Neighbors, 

Last week, the Mayor announced announced a temporary Safe Sleeping Site to bring some relief during the pandemic to our unhoused and housed neighbors in our district. Since then, we’ve gotten so many questions about how the site will be run, how we can make sure it’s successful, and asking what folks can do to help. We wanted to share some of the answers to the top Frequently Asked Questions, and an opportunity to join a second info-session! 


Register here and we’ll send you the link!

If you can’t make it, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions: 

Q: Will the site be temporary?
A: Yes! The site is only scheduled to last 3-6 months. 

Q: How can we be sure the site remains a safe and healthy place?
A: The site will have bathrooms which are regularly sanitized, showers, hand washing stations and laundry. Plus there will be health screenings and wellness checks upon entry. Sanitation services and safety will be far superior to the current street encampments.

Q: Will the camp be secure?
A: Yes, it will have 24-hour supervision and be run as a partnership between the Emergency Operations Center, the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, and local service providers who are trained in de-escalation techniques. 

Q: Who will the Safe Sleeping Site serve? How does this help with street encampments? 
A: The Safe Sleeping Site will only be for those who are currently camping in the Haight and surrounding areas. The providers working in the neighborhood know exactly who they are. They will be moving folks from current encampments into the Safe Sleeping Site.  

Q: Is it safe?  
A: Access to hygiene services is crucial during this time to keep everyone safe! There will also be security onsite. Safe Sleeping Villages, designed according to DPH and CDC guidance, help both unsheltered residents and sheltered neighbors remain safer during the pandemic by enabling social distancing and by instituting key hygiene measures. Guests of the village have access to food and water, storage of belongings, spaces for socially distanced conversations, and trash receptacles, so that they can shelter in place without a need to circulate through the neighborhood. Within the site, social distancing is provided by designating spaces for tents that are 12 feet by 12 feet, thus allowing campers to remain apart. Hygiene is achieved through handwashing stations, sanitary facilities, showers, health checks and the use of face coverings.
More information about Safe Sleeping Villages can be found here:
Q: What will it look like?
A: The tents will be orderly and socially distanced. The site will be behind privacy screening, so it won’t  really look like much walking by.

Q: How do we help make this a success?
A: A group of neighbors is already working on it and they could use your help! Reply with your number and we’ll get you connected!

Or for even more, check out this info-packet here!

Also! As a follow up from last week’s info-session, neighbors had asked a Lieutenant from the Park Station who joined us about a loud sound they heard coming from an encampment on Masonic and Haight. SFPD reports that the sound was from a firecracker, not a propane explosion as feared and reported by several neighbors. The police were on the scene confiscating a person’s camping stove, and another person nearby had a firecracker which they lit off at the same time, which was unrelated to the camp stove. There were no injuries from this incident. 

District 5 Neighborhood and Small Business Support for Open Air Cafe Program


Our office supports the soft closure of streets and other public spaces for temporary use as outdoor dining where there is support from District 5 neighbors and small businesses. That is why we are advocating for the city to develop a plan that will allow businesses to serve more people in outdoor dining spaces. 

We will need support from our small business community and District 5 neighbors to push the city to safety protocols for Open Air Cafes, including the implementation of enforceable protocols to ensure we are (1) regularly cleaning all surfaces, (2) providing personal protective equipment to our staff, (3) maintaining safe and accessible access to sidewalk space, and (4) ensuring social distancing practices are adhered to at all times. We also welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on permitting and locations for Open Air Cafes to allow small businesses to serve their customers.

We will need your help, and that is why we created a petition on behalf of our neighbors and small business community to show their support for Open Air Cafes. Click here to add your support.

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    Join the D5 team for our weekly virtual office hours, coming up this Friday, May 29th at 1pm on Zoom Video Conference.

    D5 Virtual Office Hours
    Friday, May 29th at 1pm 
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      ➩ Japantown Businesses


      We are thankful for our Japantown Town businesses that continue to support healthcare workers and first responders by generously providing delicious meals. Here is an updated list of the 49 Essential Businesses that are Open (or soon to open) in Japantown.

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        As always, if there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our office, via email at, or by phone at 415-554-7630. 


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