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In 2022, San Francisco finally started on the path back from a two-year fight against COVID-19, when much of our city’s resources were focused on making sure our most vulnerable could get vaccinated, have their groceries delivered, our tenants and homeowners could stay housed, and our small businesses could stay open.

In 2023, we must continue our efforts to fight for an equitable local economic recovery. Some of our city leaders have focused on revitalizing downtown activity as a key economic driver for our recovery, but in order to bridge the City’s $728 million budget deficit and care for our working people, small businesses, and those who are in need of critical city services, we must be more thoughtful.

Even before the pandemic, there were already signs of major problems for city residents – working people were steadily getting priced out, tenant eviction and buy-out were daily occurrences, our homeless count was soaring, property crimes were rapidly increasing, and empty storefronts and blight were such widespread issues that San Francisco voters supported a commercial vacancy tax to curb the problem.

The pandemic simply exacerbated and compacted existing challenges in the City. As a result, San Francisco’s local economy has become a volatile environment for long-term investment and sustainable gain, yet many can still see its potential for a remarkable economic comeback.

As member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Board’s Budget Committee Chair, I am mindful of this economic volatility and am committed to working with the Mayor and my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors to actively identify solutions that support robust economic activities. I invite all San Franciscans to participate and keep track of our progress as the Budget Committee holds our departments accountable for their spending and works together on meaningful solutions that ensure an equitable recovery for all San Franciscans.

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