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District 10 October Newsletter



October came and went in a blur! From community events and festivals to resolutions and hearings, our schedule has been packed! Here’s a snapshot our October, plus some upcoming events in the neighborhood! 

- Supervisor Shamann Walton




HOPE SF Preference Legislation

I am proud to announce that we introduced more preference legislation (along with Mayor Breed and Supervisors Haney, Mar, Ronen, Safai, Stefani and Yee), that will allow the right to return to anyone who has lived in one of the Hope SF public housing sites. As we continue to create ways to fight displacement, the outmigration and bring Black people back into the city, it is important to allow people who lived in dilapidated, inadequate and neglected housing, the right to return to the neighborhoods they helped build as they are revitalized and new. This is just one strategy to bring back communities that were once hubs for people of color. Now that we are building vibrant and thriving communities, we also need to make provisions for individuals who have had to live in squalor and isolation. This preference will do just that and allow people the right to return to a brand-new public housing replacement unit for former residents of Hope SF sites (Hunters View, Alice Griffith, Sunnydale and Potrero Hill), regardless of what time period they resided in these housing communities.


Close Juvenile Hall Work Group!

10.21.19 - We are incredibly excited to have had so many people who wanted to step up and serve on this task force to close San Francisco’s Youth Guidance Center! We worked hard to have a diverse group of people on this working group, from folks with expertise in serving our young people to folks who have been formerly incarcerated and had to deal with the juvenile justice system personally. We had so many qualified candidates, and choosing the working group members was an incredibly difficult decision. Regardless of who is officially on the working group, though, we are going to have a way for our entire community to be engaged throughout this process to close our 150 bed Juvenile Hall by Dec 2021 and create a new vision for juvenile justice in San Francisco. This is a historic moment in our city, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the whole community who has been fighting for this for decades.

We want to congratulate the newly selected members of the “Close Juvenile Hall Working Group!”
Seat 1 Christina Gomez, Seat 2 Valentina Sedeno, Seat 5 Joanna Hernandez, Seat 6 Lonnie Holmes, Seat 7 Denise Coleman, Seat 8 Dan Macallair, Seat 9 Constance Walker, Seat 10 Deborah Bill, Seat 11 Samuel Carr

The Board of Supervisors is currently accepting applications for Seat 3 and 4 due by November 22, 2019 (a person under the age of 29 who was previously detained or incarcerated)

If you are interested in applying please fill out the application and submit it here:

For more information about the Close YGC workgroup contact or call 415-554-7670


Sam Jordan’s

I was so sad to hear that Sam Jordan’s will be closing. It’s terrible news to lose an historic venue that has been much more than a bar in our community. I can remember when my grandfather would get dressed up and go down to Sam Jordan’s on the weekends and I too have looked forward to spending time there often. Sam’s legacy will never be forgotten and the memories will last a lifetime. As we think about the economic viability of our Black community, remember the best thing we can do is to consistently financially support our businesses.



Bayview Live

10.26.19 - I had such a great time at BayviewLIVE Festival year number 4! The only festival in San Francisco solely dedicated urban artists, BayviewLIVE has always been an incredible event full of community spirit. Year number 4 was a particularly special year for the festival because it followed Bayview Hunters Point’s designation as San Francisco’s African American Arts and Cultural District! We got to celebrate with hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes and a ton of other amazing artists!

We always have such a great time in community with events like these. Thank you Tyra Fennell and Imprint City for putting on such an incredible event!



Visitacion Valley Community Meeting

10.26.19 - I was happy to spend my Saturday in Visitacion Valley bringing community and city departments together to discuss the Sunnydale HOPE SF project and receive feedback from our residents. We had an incredibly productive conversation listening to neighbors questions and concerns about the current parking and traffic issues in their area, as well as how we are working to solve them in tandem with the Sunnydale HOPE SF development. We were able to discuss the Sunnydale Transit Demand Management Plan (TDM) and gather key input from community members during our meeting. We’re opening up 55 affordable units as we speak and will continue to bring services and more opportunity to the area!



SF Democratic County Committee

10.23.19 - I’m unbelievably honored that the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) appointed me to serve on the DCCC. As a Democrat, I want to continue to work on policies that move us towards an equitable society and promote aggressive “get out the vote” strategies, so that we register more people to vote than ever before. It is a major honor to serve the party!



UESF 100 Years!

10.22.19 - Congratulations on 100 years of existence to the United Educators of San Francisco. We have worked so hard together over the years to fight for educators, social justice and equity and to ensure a bright future for our children. Here’s to 100 more years!!!



District 10 Youth Council 

10.21.19 - Thrilled to spend part of my day meeting with our District 10 Youth Commissioner—Rome Jones—to discuss the establishment of a District 10 Youth Council! He has been hard at work and we will make sure youth voice is increased in District 10. Stay tuned for applications and an opportunity for young people from D10 to serve.


Potrero Hill Festival 

10.19.19 - I was so excited to attend the The Potrero Hill Festival, hanging out with the staff and the board of the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House and seeing families come together and enjoy the neighborhood. Once again, we had a great turn out! There is no better way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon in late October. I truly love representing this community! 




Shoreview Park

10.17.19 - We celebrated a wonderful groundbreaking at Shoreview Park! This is a reflection of community coming together and pushing to develop open space in their own neighborhood. It has taken years to come into fruition, but dedicated residents, along with Rec and Park made it happen! Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the renovation of this beautiful space in the heart of HP!


Civic Duty!

10.16.19 - Did my civic duty of voting, you should too! Visit or call (415) 554-4375 if you have any questions about voting! 




Fourth Annual
Butchertown Festival 

10.13.19 - I was thrilled to be at the fourth year of the annual Butchertown Jazz Fest in Bayview! Getting bigger and better every year! Perfect combination of music, local vendors and great weather!



Quesada’s Annual Fest 

10.12.19 - I had such a fun time at Quesada’s Annual Neighborhood Fest and Block Party! Always good to see Feline Finesse Dance Company perform!



Connecticut Street Neighborhood Fest

10.12.19 - The Neighborhood Fest on Connecticut Street in Potrero Hill is always a good time. I was so glad to see everyone out in this sunshine. Even ran into my friend and constituent Mayor Agnos!



Bay Day

10.12.19 - Another year of kayaking, warm weather, rock climbing and community at the India Basin “Bay Day”. We have a beautiful water front right here in the Southeast and I can’t wait until we finish with the park improvements to provide access to the water year-round. I want to thank the India Basin Neighborhood Association for making this happen the 18th year straight!





Alice Griffith Building!

10.12.19 - Stopped by Alice Griffith (Double Rock) checking in with the abatement folks (EcoBay, CityBuild and the crew). Soon we will have more affordable and working class housing as we continue to build in our community. Over 40% of workers here are from Bayview and we have a training class coming up next month for AG residents to keep our community working. Big things on the way!



Visitacion Valley Bilingual Officers

10.09.19 - Excited to share his Mission Local article, which highlights ways we have worked to bring language access to communities in Visitacion Valley, by providing bilingual officers. Thank you to all of the officers that spend time building relationships within communities. That is a part of true "Community Policing".…/hello-officer-the-sfpds-efforts…/


Visitacion Valley Middle School Civic Engagement Field Trip

10.09.19 - Always exciting to meet with young people from District 10! I had the privilege of meeting with 8th graders from Visitacion Valley Middle School during their civic engagement field trip. I was so happy to speak with students about what we do at City Hall and how it affects their lives directly.



CA Public Bank Victory

10.02.19 - What an incredible victory! Our California governor, Gavin Newsom, signed the Public Banking Act which allows city and county governments to create, or sponsor, public banks! This is just the beginning!



Visitacion Valley ES

10.02.19 - I was honored to visited the Visitacion Valley ESL class on 66 Raymond for their 10th week of instruction. This class was made possible by the advocacy of our community. It’s great to see everyone eager to learn. Thank you Marlene Tran, Felton Family Services and of course Recology for putting resources into bringing back our ESL classes in Vis Valley. In the future, we will also have Cantonese classes for those who are interested in learning in Vis Valley—this is how we build relationships and bridges across our communities!


Rest In Peace Elijah Cummings

Rest in perfect peace Representative Elijah Cummings! Your service, commitment and dedication will be missed! My prayers continue to go out to your family.




Supervisor Walton D10 Neighborhood Office Hours!!

Supervisor Walton looks forward to hearing your ideas for our community!

November Office Hours

When: Thursday, November 21st from 4-5:30pm
Where: Philz Coffee, 1258 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107

December Office Hours

When: Thursday, December 12th from 3-5pm
Where: Mission Blue, 144 Leland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134 

To reserve a 15 minute slot, please contact Abe Evans at 





SCRAP's Family-friendly Community Fundraiser

SCRAP is a Bayview non-profit and landmark creative reuse center. It works like a giant chest of surprises for teachers, students, artists and crafters in general. Their work focuses on supporting the arts, education and the environment by diverting materials from the landfill and redistributing them for free or low-cost to teachers and local families. Let's support them by joining their Community Fundraiser on Friday, November 15. They will host a Mexican dinner by Bayview's taqueria Tato, drinks, music and fun for your family.
Tickets for adults and children are tiered so that you can give at the level that is most meaningful and accessible to you.

More details and RSVPs here: 





Mendell Plaza Music Events!

Join us on Sunday, Nov 24th for PLAZAPALOOZA! Come out and support local Bay Area youth at Mendell Plaza for PLAZAPALOOZA: a youth talent showcase!

Do you play? We’re hiring local musicians! For more information please contact us at or (415) 206-1936

The Citywide Public Space Initiative is a new pilot program that supplements the City's critical cleaning and safety services with regular activation, beautification projects and community engagement. This program launched by the City of San Francisco, through the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the San Francisco Parks Alliance selected Mendell Plaza as a pilot site.

For info on how to get involved please visit us at or email






NEN Awards - Winter 2020

The NEN Awards are returning for the 12th time to City Hall’s rotunda this Winter 2020, and we are currently seeking nominations for this year’s awardees!





Kids Say the Darndest Things

ABC's "Kids Say the Darndest Things" is coming to San Francisco! 
Our celebrity host, Tiffany Haddish, wants to find the funniest kids (age 6-11) that your amazing city has to offer! Our casting staff would love to get the word out to the kids in your district so they have the chance to apply to be on the show
Anyone who is interested should apply online ASAP using this link: 



UCSF: #SOLARS - Join the study. Join the movement
Black and Latinx women are joining the #SOLARS study to find out how stress and resilience affect pregnancy and premature birth.For more information:





Bayview Bistro - Urban Food Hub - Now Opened!

Hours Of Operation:
Wednesday - Thursday 11am - 3pm
Friday 11am - 5pm
2nd & 4th Saturday Of The Month 12pm-5pm

4101 3rd Street at the corner of Hudson



San Francisco's Transportation Future -
Southeast Workshop

Public transportation in the Southeast is challenging. In fact, transportation affects all of us each day. Whether you walk, bike, drive, or take public transit, the decisions we make today will have lasting effects for generations to come. Your feedback will help us identify the transportation project concepts and policies that will build a more equitable, effective, and sustainable transportation system for the next 30 years. Live, work, or spend time in the Southeast? Please join us for a hands-on, collaborative workshop to share your ideas.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
6:00 to 8:00 PM
Southeast Community Facility 1800 Oakdale Ave, San Francisco

Help us make sure we bring enough food and materials by taking a moment to RSVP at

Contact or call 415-522-4800 with any questions. Please let us know if you need specific accommodations.

The workshop is co-hosted by: San Francisco Planning, San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, San Francisco County Transit Authority, and the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

For more information, visit:




Young Community Developers Stories

If you got your first job experience with YCD, YCD Stories is now casting community residents to share their YCD story and experience in the job industry. For a chance to have your story featured in an upcoming community documentary, join the YCD Stories mailing list at to get your story on film or simply call 510-491-3703.




Community Opportunities


Host Homes
Our friends at the SF LGBT Center are starting their first-ever housing program and it’s called Host Homes. Host Homes is a community-driven solution to ending youth housing crisis that facilitates mutually beneficial pairing between San Francisco based hosts and young adult guests who need a safe place to stay while finding stable housing.

HOW IT WORKS: The SF LGBT Center is looking to recruit fantastic hosts who have a spare bedroom or private space that can be turned into a bedroom in their homes. Both host and guest will be carefully screened and a mutual pairing will be made that honors the lifestyles, values, and interests of the two in order to have a successful matching experience. The guest will stay in the host’s home for 3-12 months and will receive in-depth case management around searching for housing, education, and job opportunities while in the program that can lead to stable housing.

Are you interested in becoming part of the solution to help end youth housing crisis? Learn more or apply today: visit or email




Small Business Opportunity at SFO

There are two opportunities at the Airport for small business owners to join our award-winning concessions program

  • Terminal 3 Boarding Area 3 Pop-Up Retail Concession Lease: SFO is accepting proposals for two Pop-Up Retail locations in Terminal 3, Boarding Area E. The terms are twenty-four months for each space. Small, local and disadvantaged businesses are encouraged to participate. An informational conference will be held on Wednesday, October 9 at SFO. Interested businesses must register through Eventbrite and bring a valid government-issued ID to tour the space:  Proposal submittal deadline is Wednesday, January 15. I’ve copied my colleague Obinna Onyenedum, Assistant Property Manager, if you have additional questions. Interested parties can also visit
  • Small Business Supplier Fair at SFO: On November 5, 2019, SFO will host its first Small Business Supplier Fair, where businesses will showcase their goods to concessionaires at the Airport. We aim to highlight a diversity of products from companies based in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Participating firms will have been in operation for at least one year. For more information, visit








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