Supervisor Walton - Press Releases and Statements

Press Releases and Statements:

2024/2/27 Press Release: Sf Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Passed Historic Resolution Apologizing To African Americans And Their Descendants For Sf’s Past Atrocities

2023/12/18 Inspector General Appointed For Sheriff Oversight

2023/09/19 Rally For The Final Reparations Plan

2023/09/15 Press Release: Supervisor Walton, Sfmta & Community Celebrate Traffic Calming Measures On Gilman Avenue

2023/09/08 Bayview Celebrates The 91st Anniversary Of Mon Sing Noodle Company

2023/07/26 Strengthening Language Access In San Francisco

2023/07/17 Supervisor Shamann Walton’s Statement On Doj’s Response On Banko Brown

2023/07/13 Supervisor Shamann Walton’s Statement On The Closing Of Anchor Brewing

2023/07/10 Press Release: Pier 94, Site F To Stay Open

2023/06/05 Press Release: Supervisor Walton & SFMTA Kicking Off Traffic Calming Construction On Palou Avenue

2023/05/15 Supervisor Shamann Walton’s Statement On The Video Of The Killing Of Banko Brown

2023/05/09 Supervisor Shamann Walton’s Statement To The District Attorney's Response To The Letter Of Inquiry

2023/03/21 Supervisor Walton Announces $50 Million Budget Supplement For Reparations

2023/02/08 Statement On Threats To Supervisor Shamann Walton And The District 10 Office

2023/02/06 Reparations & Dream keeper Initiative Hearing Postponed

2023/01/09 Visitacion Valley Celebration For The Central Subway

2023/01/06 Supervisor Shamann Walton Sworn In For Second Term

2022/11/30 Statement On Supervisor Walton’s Twitter Account Hacked

2022/11/21 District 10 Small Business Saturday

2022/11/02 Statement On Violent Crime At 7-11 In Visitacion Valley

2022/11/01 San Francisco Board Of Supervisors’ Statement On The Vicious Attack On Paul Pelosi

2022/10/26 Supervisor Walton Joins Small Businesses To Light The Night On Leland Avenue In Visitacion Valley

2022/10/26 Lucky Bayview Supermarket Grand Opening

2022/10/20 Supervisor Walton And Carolina Green Space Celebrated The Grand Opening Of Skyline Terrace Community Space & Garden

2022/9/27 Establishing The Pacific Islander Cultural District

2022/8/18 President Walton’s Statement On Generational Home

2022/8/4 The City Should Care More About Murders In Southeast Neighborhoods

2022/8/2 President Shamann Walton’s Follow Up Statement On The June 24, 2022 Incident

2022/7/29 President Shamann Walton’s Statement On The June 24, 2022 Incident

2022/7/21 Statement on Board Of Education Commissioner Ann Hsu’s Remarks

2022/7/15 Supervisor Shamann Walton And Assistant Secretary Shannon Estenoz Of Fish And Wildlife Parks To Highlight Investment In Bay View Kc Jones Park

2022/06/24 Statement On The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade

2022/06/07 San Francisco’s Kitchen Zero Announces 3.2 Million Pounds Of Edible Food Recovered For Food Insecure Residents

2022/05/20 Joint Statement On Behalf Of Board President Shamann Walton, Supervisor Aaron Peskin, And Supervisor Ahsha Safai

2022/04/18 Supervisor Shamann Walton & SFMTA Announce The Return Of The 8ax & 8bx Bayshore Express Muni Lines

2022/03/22 SF Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Passes Interim Zoning Controls On Parcel Delivery Services

2022/01/25 Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Approves Open Source Voting Pilot In San Francisco

2021/12/17 San Francisco Young Adult Court Graduation

2021/12/9 Supervisor Walton Announces Grand Opening Of The Pacific Islander Community Hub “the Hut” In District 10

2021/12/2 Supervisors Shamann Walton & Matt Haney Join Community To Demand The Sfmta To Bring Back The 8ax And 8bx Express Lines

2021/10/27 The San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Passes Ordinance Prohibiting City Travel And Contracting To States With Voter Restriction Laws

2021/10/06 Supervisor Shamann Walton Joins Community Organizations At The Bayview Hub To Distribute Family Relief Fund

2021/07/29 Supervisor Shamann Walton Secures Funding For Visitacion Valley Public Safety Measures

2021/07/20 Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Passes 100% Affordable Housing At The Homeless Prenatal Site

2021/07/14 Supervisor Walton Proposes Law To Ban City Travel To States With Voter Restriction Laws

2021/07/06 Bayview Makers Kitchen: The Newest Addition To The Third Street Corridor

2021/05/12 San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Resumes Counter Services And Legislative Proceedings In City Hall

2021/05/04 First African American Reparations Advisory Committee Members Appointed

2021/04/29 Grocery Outlet Opens In Bayview

2021/04/21 San Francisco Expands Access To Vaccines In Hard Hit Visitacion Valley Neighborhood

2021/04/16 California Department Of Motor Vehicles Adopts Policy From SF Board Of Supervisors To Allow Patients Undergoing Medical Treatment To Use Photo On File

2021/04/06 President Shamann Walton Requests Legislation To Prohibit City-paid Travel & City Contracts With States With Voter Suppression Laws

2021/03/18 Press Release - President Walton and Budget Chair Haney Champion Extension of Emergency Family Relief Fund, Receives $2 Million to Continue Much Needed Support for Families Struggling During the Pandemic

2021/03/09 Press Release - San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Pass $5 Hazard Pay For Retail Grocery Workers And Drug Store Workers

2021/02/11 Press Release - Implementing Commissions For All San Franciscans

2021/01/19 Press Release - Sfmta And Supervisor Shamann Walton Announce The New 15-muni Route In District 10 And Return Of 8ax, 27, 55 & T-line

2021/01/08 Press Release - Supervisor Shamann Walton Elected As Board President

2020/11/24 Press Release - Shamann Walton Announce D10 Safety Plan & Asks For Pledge To End Violence

2020/10/20 Press Release - Caren Act Passes

2020/07/31 Press Release - Omega Psi Phi & Supervisor Walton PPE Giveaway

2020/07/07 Press Release - The CAREN Act & AB 1550 to End Discriminatory 911 Calls

2020/06/16 Press Release - Supervisor Walton Announces Ordinance On 911 Calls And Board Commitment To Redirect Resources From SFPD To Black Community

2020/06/02 Press Release - District Attorney Chesa Boudin And Supervisor Shamann Walton Announce A Resolution To Prohibit The Hiring Of Police Officers With Prior Findings Of Misconduct

2020/05/29 Press Release - COVID-19 Study in D10

2020/05/06 Press Release - San Francisco Leader s on Juul's Move

2020/05/05 Press Release - Aspiring Citizens On Commissions

2020/04/22 Press Release - Walton Announces Health Provisions for District 10

2020/03/31 Press Release - Walton Announces Family Income Relief Fund Legislation

2020/01/17 Press Release - Reparations Plan

2019/12/16 Press Release - Walton Announces Five Co-Sponsors for CCSF Appropriation BIll

2019/07/10 Press Release - ESL Classes

2019/04/06 Press Release - Supervisor Walton's Bayview Public Safety Town Hall

2019/02/05 Press Release - Supervsior Walton Health Warnings On Soda Ads...

2019/01/30 Statement - VV SFPD Hours

2019/01/15 Statement - Walton Local Hire Statement

2019/01/09 Statement - Vis Valley 89yr old grandmother