Motions 2020

Final action date on or after 01/01/2020 and on or before 01/21/2020.

Click on the enacted number below to obtain the background materials. These files are provided in PDF format. Click on this Adobe Acrobat Reader link if you do not have a PDF reader.

File Number Enactment Number Title
191195 M20-0001 Appointment, Close Juvenile Hall Working Group - Charles Peacock
191275 M20-0002 Appointments, Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee - J. R. Eppler, Irma Lewis, Jolene Yee, and Keith Goldstein
191277 M20-0003 Reappointment, Small Business Commission - William Ortiz-Cartagena
200033 M20-0004 Committee of the Whole - Findings and Recommendations Regarding Law Enforcement Staffing Numbers - February 25, 2020